Willan House defies the norm
and defines creativity.


The brainchild of three nationally-recognized industry veterans, Willan House was formed to ignite inspiration and evoke emotion in a saturated world of mixed-media with powerful production from beginning to end. The collaboration between Tanner Locust, P.A. Molumby and Steven Prevatt each bring a rare and refreshing approach to the creative services within Willan House with their penchant for perfection and meticulous attention to detail in every project they complete. Together, they’ve created an unparalleled destination for media production – their artistic talents awaken the community and set a new standard of style.

  • Demo Reel

  • YPR Europe TRAILER

  • Green River Ordinance - Better Love Exclusive LIVE Performance

  • Vee Tha Rula - Bag of Purp Ft. Bootleg Kev

  • AAHA Accredited New Frontier Animal Medical Center

  • Suns Dancers Calendar Shoot

  • AZ Pack Plant

  • Mission Trip to Questa Chiquita, Guatemala

  • Vemma Premier Club

  • Jed Buenaluz Acheive Film

  • Aaron Bruno of AWOLNATION Beacon Moment

  • Mathew Mayfield - Exclusive Interview & Live Performance



    THE SELL | He’s a playmaker, a risk taker, a mover and a shaker. When it comes to blazing trails, Steven Prevatt is always in the fast lane. The adrenaline rush of extreme sports sparked his interest in life behind the lens. His dedication to details shaped his role as a director and his worldly travels for documentary filmmaking sharpened his skill set. But it is his passion for the people that defines his career. Steven doesn’t just talk the talk – he sprints the walk.


    THE SOLVER | Tanner Locust has been there and he has most definitely done that. Whether it’s working on a set show for the Stanley Cup finals, running sound for the MTV Video Music Awards, or tripping Don King during a knockout fight, Tanner has seen it all. He’s masterful in all things media, but he’s a true authority on audio. His ear for excellence earned him a badge as the boy scout of production – he doesn’t just fix problems, he makes it better than it was before.

  • PA

    THE EYE | With a penchant for perfection and a drive for details, P.A. Molumby has developed a true talent for capturing an entire story through a single frame. His obsession over quality and his qualms with the status quo has led him to work with professional athletes in their game day glory to sponsorship spots with superstars and everything in between. His pictures are perceptive and he is fearless with his filming - and the end result is always remarkable.



We don't believe in boring. And monotonous relationships just ain't our thing. So, if you’re looking for ordinary, run-of-the-mill production, this isn’t the house for you.

But, if you're ready to ditch the dull and put played-out on pause, come and knock on our door.

Let's blow the roof off.